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Kedainiai School ,,Spindulys"

Kedainiai School ,,Spindulys" is a public educational institution for children with physical and learning disabilities. There are 89 pupils and 27 teachers in Kedainiai School ,,Spindulys". The school provides high-quality education for pupils with intellectual disabilities under the individualized general and social skills training programs.

The school creates the most favorable conditions for each student to learn and develop according to his abilities and needs.

Kedainiai  School’s ,,Spindulys" pupils get qualified professional help:

Pupils with speech and language disorders get speech therapists help;

  • Social educator helps to solve problems with a variety of children's difficulties, implements learning motivation, attendance, employment, emotional and behavioral problems, and other prevention programs;

  • Psychologist helps with adaptation and other problems at school, organizes individual and group activities for pupils and their parents;

  • Medical personnel provide medical assistance; perform occupational therapy, massage, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, light therapy, and inhalation procedures.

The pupils, who haven’t got an opportunity to go to school every day from their houses, get free accommodation in a boarding-house for 5 days a week. Travel expenses and passage tickets are paid by Kedainiai District Municipality.

All our pupils have free dinner. Pupils in a dormitory are provided with free meals four times a day.

There are 10 clubs for pupils in our school (art, sport and health, employment, theater, information technology, social skill development).  Pupils, who attend sport and theater clubs, take part not only in Lithuanian competitions but also in abroad and get many awards.

Kedainiai Special School cooperates with the community of Nassjo Brinell gymnasium and Latvia Koknese Special School.

The school has a very experienced, highly qualified teachers and pupil support specialists.


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